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Riding a motorcycle brings great experience. However, we cannot disregard the truth that no matter what kind of vehicle you ride, accidents may befall you if you will not take necessary precautions. There is no excuse from driving your vehicle without taking the necessary riding precautions. As a rider, you should always keep in mind that motorcycles are not similar to cars with outer covering that encloses the driver to keep him safe. Motorcycle allows you to ride in open air, that in one mistake you commit can throw you out of the wheel to suffer big time. Eventough we would not want to experience these road tragedies, we can never deny that they happen. Even car drivers involved in crashes get severely injured, so how much more if it will happen to rider who is almost bare before the road.

Responsible driving makes a big difference to the lives of the people who uses our roadways daily. If you are a rider who cares for your life, and to the people who might be affected if you will get involved into road troubles, check on the two most important practices to ensure the safety of motorcycle riders.

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Drive Carefully.

Many of motorcycle riders when asked how they keep their selves safe while riding would answer about proper motorcycle gears. This is not a wrong answer, however, this is not the first in the list if you want to prevent your riding from being a disastrous one. Basically, the primary way to keep you safe is to DRIVE CAREFULLY. Motorcycle gears are very important because they can truly help saving your life when accidents occur, however, no matter what you wear, when you drive like there is no tomorrow and will not practice the duty of care, there is a big possibility that you will still mess up your safety. As much as you can, be cautious of your riding practices. Be considerate to others and enjoy your every ride.

Wear Gears.

Wearing appropriate gears come secondary because riders can benefit from its use when unexpected instances occur. Sometimes, no matter how a motorcycle rider will practice his %u201Cduty of care,%u201D somebody will blow up that care and he is to suffer an injury because of it. Motorcycle gears are very essential, because it will be very difficult to imagine what will be the after-effect of a crash or collision impact to a rider when he is not wearing any gear to protect himself. In the US, there are thousand cases motorcycle fatalities that led to death because of riders not wearing appropriate gears. From helmets to boots, motorcycle gears play a very essential role in protecting the rider's life, they may not be able to alleviate the entire impact, but its contributions can be enough to save lives.

Our roadways is one of the most dangerous places in the world. Everyday, people lose their lives, and there are some who gets hurt. While surviving an accident gives riders lessons, it instills an experience that cannot be forgotten in a lifetime. Be a responsible rider, and make a difference.

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The idea of riding a motorcycle have different connotations; for some, it is a reckless hobby, a highly dangerous ride to be used for travel, and can put lives at risk. However, there also are people who appreciates its usefulness. Those who understand that we do not have any hold to the inevitable that exists. For in truth, it does not matter where you are and what you ride. Things happen, and living in fear and doubt is not healthy if you have the desire to break free and live an adventurous life. Drivers who are cautious and follow are rules of the road will stay cautious no matter what kind of vehicle they ride.

Riding a two wheel drive is enjoyably liberating that riders around the world would take the risk to experience. If you are a person caught in between a car or motorcycle in your travel needs, there are few advantages in motorcycle riding have that you may consider in your daily ride.

Cost Efficient: If you want to dodge the record of your mountainous fuel bills, motorcycle riding will give you the benefit of getting much while spending less. Imagine if you are driving a regular car, most likely, the cost of filling up your fuel tank is equal to the value of a sumptuous date for two.Recently, diesel costs $3.980 per gallon, and a car usually consumes more fuel than a regular motorcycle. Say that you have to spend $70for an average fill up for you car, if you will have a motorcycle,$15 would do, and it can take you miles away without worrying much money went out of your pocket. The difference of the amount you can save is too huge not to make a difference in your budget.

Economy and Environment Friendly: Whenyou are riding a motorcycle, you unknowingly is helping the country reduce its dependence in foreign oils. Also, it reduces harmfulcarbon emissions which is higher in terms of driving a car.

Easier to Maintain: Maintenance costcan never be absent when you own a vehicle. However, if you are to take a look, motorcycle engines are easier to work on compared tocars. There are many bikers who can make their vehicle check on theirown. If you are a rider with knowledge on the engine, you will notneed to bring your two-wheel drive to have it checked. In terms ofchanging tires, or other spare parts, you can have peace that thereis no need to shed much money compared to have your car's tirechanged.

Flexible in Traffic/ Easier toPark: In a rush to go to work, but the traffic is tooheavy for you to make it in time, a moto-ride will save you from theproblem. Since it is not as big as cars, you can easily go along withthe traffic and reach your destination twice fast as using your car.On the other-hand being in a rush is not an excuse of over-speed anddrive recklessly, follow traffic rules, and you will surely bealright.

Can Be Both Exciting and Relaxing: When you want to feel and appreciate thebeauty of the environment, motorcycling will never let you down.Since you are riding in an open air, you will be able to take noticeof the surroundings more. It will keep you alert, and make you feelnot bored as you travel.

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